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Meal Plan Coaching (MPC)


During this 4 week segment, I personally prescribe and tailor a 4 week meal plan that consists of eating anywhere between 3-6 times a day. Beginners usually are prescribed only 3 meals a day.

In this 4 week segment, you the client, will receive a scheduled 5-10min coaching accountability call every Sunday.

Throughout the entirety of the 4 weeks, I will be texting daily in holding you accountable to your execution of your meal plan.  You, the client, will also be required to text in a Meal Accountability Photo of your meal before it is consumed. You will also be required to text in your weight before bed time on Thursday and Sunday nights. This will help with accountability over the weekend.

Also, at the start of this 4 week program, you will be required to send in a before photo of yourself in your typical everyday attire or exercise gear. At the completion, you will also be required to send in an after photo of yourself. After the 4 weeks is completed, you have the choice of renewing for another 4 weeks.