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walking lunges

600 Walking Lunges

Big shout out to Sarah for completing her 600 walking lunges this past week. We see Sarah from time to time when she’s in town.

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Before and After Results

Results: Leslie O.

Imagine losing 10 lbs by this time next month – plus… over 5.5 inches off of your body – PLUS… feeling better, healthier and stronger.

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It's a decision

It’s a Decision

The key here is to EAT what your body NEEDS for you to eat! Make the right decisions and you’ll see the results you’re seeking

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Live to Train

I want to share a quick story with you that happened to me awhile ago. A few years ago, I was outside at a local

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Cheat vs Reward Meals

Before I get to my recommended frequency of these meals, I want to make sure you have the proper lingo when referring to these meals.

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