Improve Stride Frequency = SPEED

Improve Stride Frequency = SPEED

Parents & athletes, if you want speed, if you want increased stride frequency, then watch this…. Are you ready to get your athlete into our gym / training sessions to increase their vertical and make them an all-around better, faster, more explosive athlete? Click here to sign up for our athlete training.

Having the Correct Mindset

Correct Mindset Towards Your Physique

Do you have the correct mindset towards your physique and your weight loss goals? If you don’t, or not sure you do, watch this video!

Getting Your Mindset Back

Lose weight the right way

What’s it gonna take for you to get your mindset right? What’s it going to take for you to get mentally prepared to go on this weight loss journey and actually WIN this time? It doesn’t matter who you are. You’re probably going to have issues with your weight, your physique, because life happens. You […]

Big boned or Full sized?

Big Boned Girl - Full Sized Girl

Having the correct mind set going into this New Year about your physique goals is instrumental. If you have a mind set that the reason you are at this certain weight or at this certain body measurement is because you are ‘Husky,’ ‘Muscular,’ ‘Big Boned,’ or ‘Full sized,’ will cause you to never achieve your […]

Whey protein is not making you fat

Whey Protein is NOT making you fat!

Since protein only yields 4 calories per gram, your whey protein is DEFINITELY NOT making you fat. Protein has taken a bad wrap for years, but with the recent popularity of the Keto diet, the outlook towards protein has changed tremendously from being a negative to a positive. After all, protein is composed of amino […]

MPC Client Results – Alice

Meal Plan Coaching

We’re so impressed with Alice’s dedication and persistence during her 4 week MPC (Meal Plan Coaching) with us. She hit almost every meal 100% during this 1 month stretch and we could all see the results. Way to get that eating under control and working FOR you instead of against you Alice! Contact us today […]


Fitness Goals

If there’s no goal, then how do you score in life? If there’s no target, then what are you aiming for? Put yourself out there and set a goal. Set a 30 day goal, a 60 day goal, and/or a 90 day goal. If you don’t hit it, no worries, keep shooting until you do. […]

What’s your MOVE goal?

What’s your daily move goal? 100Cal?,200cal?,300cal?

In order to maintain the weight that you are currently at right now, or to lose a certain amount of weight, you must have a ‘Move Goal.’ There has to be a target set, by you, in regards to how much you will ‘Move’ each and every day. The latest inventions of the Garmin watch, […]

Crystal’s ERC Results 3 Weeks In

We’re SO proud of Crystal for accomplishing this in just 3 weeks of the ERC training. This type of training is only effective if the client is dedicated to getting back into the shape that they desire, as they do have to work out on their own according to their customized workout plan that we […]