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About Personal Trainer, Terrance Sterling

Terrance Sterling - Personal TrainerTerrance Sterling is a 1994 Central High School graduate and a 2006 Southeast Missouri State graduate with a BS Exercise Science Degree.

Sterling played division 1-AA football for SEMO from 1994 through 1998.  He battled injuries throughout his football career but was primarily a starter for SEMO.  After earning his Exercise Science Degree, Sterling went on to coach track and football for six years.

Terrance Sterling won his first bodybuilding competition that he ever entered in 2007.    The 40-year-old Sterling not only captured the light-heavyweight title at the Show-Me Naturals, he also came away with the overall crown after winning a pose-off among all the weight division winners.  The Show-Me Naturals, held at Pattonville High School in St. Louis, is billed as the nation’s largest novice drug-free bodybuilding contest.

In 2000 Sterling became a personal trainer at a local gym and later branched out on his own with the Sterling Effect.  Now, his daily routine consists of coaching several clients in achieving their respective physique/fitness goals.   With over 20 years in the industry, Sterling is looking to take his personal training to another level in the up and coming years.

Terrance Sterling and his wife, Stacey, own the Sterling Effect in Sarasota, Florida and offer personal training to clients locally as well as virtually around the world.

Aside from personal training, Sterling is also currently a defensive football coach for the Riverview Rams in Sarasota, Florida.  After moving from coaching in Missouri for the past several years, Sterling came to Sarasota in 2021 and continued his mission to coach up local youth to become better football players and multi-sport athletes.

Team Sterling Client Testimonials

Stacey SterlingiCreativeMedia
I tried for years to lose weight on my own and was unsuccessful at losing it and keeping it off. I tried a personal trainer at my local gym and needless to say, it just didn’t work out. In September I decided it was time to get serious and find a GOOD trainer. What I found was far more than “good” let me tell you! I knew Terrance from church and decided to contact him about training. It took me a MONTH to show up at the gym after contacting him. I’d say I was in dire need of someone to hold me accountable wouldn’t you? Having Terrance there to keep me accountable meant I had someone to answer to if I were to mess up on my eating or not show up for a workout. I’ll say that you can’t just have “anyone” for your accountability person. It has to be someone you look up to, admire and trust. Otherwise you’ll just give them an excuse and go on about your day. I don’t question my program that he’s put me on, after all, I am paying him to know what he’s talking about because I obviously didn’t know the best methods for achieving my goals. He has the nutrition and strength training knowledge that I lacked and is guiding me on the right path. If you’re wondering if The Sterling Effect will work for you – take a leap of faith – you will NOT regret it…I promise you that! Terrance is the absolute BEST and every one of his clients will attest to that! Training with Terrance Sterling since October 17, 2011
Tori Welch
One of the best things you can do for yourself. A great work out with an awesome trainer.
Mandy Marie Dawson
Amazing and motivational! Can't wait for the next boot camp phase:)
Holly BrantleyKFVS 12 News Reporter
He will make you look forward to 700 lunges … And say you can’t wait to do 800. He will have you accomplishing things you never thought possible. What’s more he won’t just bring definition to your shoulders, butt, and abs but also definitive balance to your professional and personal life as well. That is Terrance Sterling. The Sterling Effect is a magical addiction you won’t be able to get enough of. I was a gym regular for years… I’d run 8 half marathons… And yet I feel I never really knew what it meant to train until I met Terrance. You won’t dread it – you’ll long for more! I’m a busy reporter but I always start my day in the gym. Making time is easy. In just months I’ve improved my cardio vascular and strength endurance to a level I never thought possible. I just ran another half marathon with my best ever time and recovery. I struggled with erratic eating patterns because of mr schedule for years – but with his guidance I’m finally finding sanity there too. He’s changed my life and helped me develop a new belief in myself I’d been searching for. He’s positive uplifting and motivating. Now I’m training for a figure show – a longtime dream. You have to experience the Sterling Effect. It’s a process that will make you stronger, smarter, and saner. You’re life will never be the same! Holly Brantley – KFVS-12 Reporter – Training with Terrance Sterling since June 28, 2011