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It’s a decision

If you look and feel miserable, it’s probably because of what you are putting into your body. Basically what you’re eating. Of course there are other situations and circumstances that can cause you to feel and look miserable, but right now, I just want to emphasize on one thing, and that’s the decision that you must make for YOU, not anyone else, but for YOU—- to eat, how your body needs for you to eat. And I don’t know what that exactly is for you, because every body’s body is different. It may be cutting down on the fast food, cutting out the sugar, the bread, pizza, alcohol; I DON’T KNOW What it is right now, but I DO know, that you have to make a decision to eat…. how your body needs for you to eat.

To eat in such a way that your body starts gradually responding and starts becoming tighter, more toned, smaller,more muscular and you actually start feeling better.

For you, it may be doing a solid meal, liquid meal, solid meal, liquid meal rotation. Like I said, I don’t know right now, but what you have to do is, you have to come to a decision for YOU—- to eat how your body needs for you to eat.

So what is? Is it more vegetables for you, is it less carbs, is it more protein, is it more fiber, is it less sodium. I don’t know, but we can find it out, but FIRST!—–, you have to make a decision for YOU–to eat how your body needs for you to eat.

It’s a decision! and YOU have to make it!

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