Why push ups

Why Push-ups

Why push ups

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Why push ups? Why not push ups? They are the perfect upper body exercise that hits every major muscle from waist high. Not to mention, not one piece of equipment is needed to take advantage of this fundamental old school exercise. It can be done outdoors, indoors; even in the tiniest of areas, the accessibility of this exercise leaves us with no excuses not to do them. Oh! you say that you can’t do a push up? Oh yes you can! The push up also offers multiple variations/modifications that will eventually help you in performing a full blown push up.

For instance, starting face down on the floor, and pushing up to your knees and back to the floor. What about starting at the top of the push up, and as you are on your hands and toes, slowly descend down to the floor. Allow your knees and/or thighs to make contact with the floor first for assistance. Please refer to the video section for a demonstration on the push up with modifications.

In summary, if you are looking to increase your upper body strength and to tighten/tone the muscles from waist high on your body, then push ups is the exercise for you. Once again, this too will help you to getting back to your desired weight and size.