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Get Back

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I’m excited to unveil the theme for the last 3 months of 2018 heading into 2019.  Before I unveil it, I want to make sure you know who the theme is mainly directed to.  Of course, it can be directed to anyone, but there is a select group of people out there who I truly believe will benefit from this theme.

For instance, how many people are at the heaviest body weight/size that you have ever been, or at a weight/size that you are absolutely fed up with?

What about your clothing sizes?  Are you wearing a size right now that just doesn’t sit well with you?

How about old photos of yourself?  Are you completely disgusted with how you look now versus how you looked then?

So, if any of those questions spoke to you, then this theme is for you!


The Sterling Effect is rolling out the theme entitled, ” Get Back.”

Get back to the weight/size that you used to be at.  Get back to the weight/size that you were at when you were in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s.  Get back to the weight that is still showing on your driver’s license since you were 16.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Plainly and simply put, let’s get back to where we truly feel good at.  The weight/size that we move better in, that we walk better in, that we run better in.  The weight and size that our clothes fit better in.  I promise you, that you can GET BACK if you truly want to.

Of course, the question is…How?

You might be saying, ” Terrance, how can I do this, I’m a hundred plus pounds overweight.  My butt and hips are the size of a tire on an 18 wheeler, and not to mention, I have a bad knee.”

Listen, any excuse will do, but if you really want this, then The Sterling Effect will help you.  Every week the facebook page and website will have videos, workouts, webcasts, meal plans, recipes, tips, and tricks; all tailored in helping you to GET BACK.

So, get excited, make a decision that you are going to do this and let’s GET BACK!